Natasha Hellberg Warns of 5 Cybercrimes

Natasha Hellberg Warns of 5 Cybercrimes

The secretary general of The Anti-Phishing Working Group, Peter Cassidy, introduced Natasha Hellberg as someone who has been studying cybercrime for several years. Cassidy even stated that Hellberg could help save everyone from cybercrime. She is currently working as a senior threat researcher at Trend Micro and recently started appearing as a speaker at various affairs.

According to Natasha Hellberg, there are five trends on cybercrimes that the public needs to keep an eye on.

  • Cybercrime in the form of business model that people can purchase.

Hellberg pointed out that there are bad elements in the cyber world that make money out of malware. She warns the public to be more sensitive when it comes to buying malware-related services online.

  • Canada has a very small rate of hosting malware on malevolent sites.

Hellberg recognizes the Canadian Cyber Incident Response Center for protecting the people from malicious sites. CCIRC was able to prevent these sites from causing corruption anywhere in Canada. Barely 0.2% of the world's traffic has managed to infiltrate, which resulted in very little inconvenience.

  • The growing cyber extortion

Natasha asks everyone to take extra precaution on any form of ransom-ware. Your computer will malfunction due to malware and you will be asked to send payment to make it work again. Natasha says this form of malware hides behind emails and ad banners.

  • Cybercrimes attack through e-mail.

Do not be deceived by legitimate-looking e-mails. Even if your friends were the ones who sent the e-mail, take time to scrutinize the message it contains. There have been reports from people who received e-mails from their loved ones, asking to send money to save them from a horrible condition. Later on, these cases have been proven to be a cybercrime attack.

  • The young ones accidentally becomes the attackers

Kids and teens are extremely inclined to computers. One way or another, they discover stuff online that the elders do not have any idea about. Accidentally, they make use of their discoveries to attack someone they know, or ruin somebody else's digital properties.

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